Weekend in Turlock, CA (VAST USDAA)

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Had a great weekend with my girls. Callie ran in a couple runs both days doing quite well in spite of her handler:) Cassidy had some nice runs on Saturday but not many clean ones. Sunday however, she had an awesome Steeplechase run, would have been a winner but she slipped at the second jump. It was very foggy and several fast dogs had problems with footing. She did manage to still place in 5th with her time being several seconds faster than the leaders. She took 1st in jumpers by almost 2 seconds, 1st in Grand Prix and 1st in Snooker with a much needed SQ! I was in the last group to run, the lights were already on and to say the least I was exhausted! We did 3 sevens as did most competitors, you had to have 51 points to win and a fast time because the red jumps were all in the middle of the course near the 3 jump combo for 7. All in all it was a very fun weekend with challenging courses and good friends. Any weekend spent running my girls is a great weekend:)

I’m pleased to say that Cassidy is all qualified for USDAA Nationals, which is a relief since that was only the second USDAA trial we had done this year. Kentucky here we come???!!! Now back to working on those darn QQ’s.

Here is the link to my Grand Prix run.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxnI3cbj-WY


Pictures of Cassidy “Waving” or is she slapping mom?

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I promised I’d try to take some pictures of Cassidy and I  learning a simple wave.  It’s a little difficult to take pictures with the left hand, so I could cue with the right when needed.  Need to get this wave thing on a verbal:)

The mind of a border collie:)

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I was essentially feeding Cassidy last night via training tricks, due to her annoying resource guarding of her food dish. She does not like me to touch her when I feed her, so of course I do, so when she decides to growl she gets her food one kibble at a time from the mommy!! I don’t know what she was thinking but I’m sure she wasn’t please when I picked up her food dish and walked to the other room.

I’ve been teaching her to wave which is going pretty well. I’ll try to get some pics later. She gets really frantic though and starts to bark when she doesn’t get it right away. She also gets a bit carried away and tries to wave with both paws at the same time.  I try to keep her back from me because sometimes the wave is more of a slap but she always manages to scoot forward at the same time she waves. It’s really quite cute until she lands a paw on me! She was quite clever last night and managed to knock the scoop of food that I was balancing on my leg all over the floor. She was a bit annoyed with me however when I told her to “leave it” and she had to obey. What a good girl!

I had to laugh when Callie came in from the kitchen where she had eaten her food and thought she needed to get involved.  If I told Cassidy to “sit”, there was Callie sitting as well. This goes on the entire training session with sit, down, touch… Of course I snuck her a few of the kibble too, who could resist that cute little face.

It’s been fun trying to teach some tricks, though my clicker timing has tons of room for improvement.  Until later because you know it’s going to rain some more:(

Agility Practice Debriefing

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Was excited to have class up at PowerPaws tonight since my class last night was cancelled due to rain. The girls and I worked on alternative activities Tuesday night but it’s just not as fun for me as running agiltiy. I warmed the girls up on the treadmill and then did some simple trick work. I now unfortunately have a treadmill stuck in the 12% incline position. I was trying to simulate climbing hills:)

Class tonight was a bit frustrating for me,  I seemed to be late for my positional cues more often than usual. The footing was very wet, guess that worried me some. We had a nice variety of skills worked on tonight, the 270, serpentines, rear crosses, front crosses, threadles and long lead outs.  I have an hour plus drive to get to and from class so I try to think of the things discussed and practiced in class and make a mental note of the skills to focus on for the week.  Tonight I listened again to the Audio CD by Lanny Bassham “Everything the Agility Competitor should know FIRST about the mental game”. I have listened to it quite a few time already but some of the thought processes that I need to change will be a work in progress for awhile. I’m also reading the book written by the same author “With Winning In Mind”. Lanny was an Olympic Champion in the 70’s and has worked with many a champion since. He has some sayings that have really stuck in my mind, one in particular, “perfection is the purest form of procrastination”. He was referring to people who don’t compete because they weren’t perfect, didn’t feel like they could win.

I look forward to competing this weekend with good friends and with my best friend and team mate Cassidy.

It’s Friday morning, my last day of winter break, how sad is that!

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Sitting at the Apple store working on my video projects and learning how to use this blogging site a little bit better. I sign up for these project 3 hour blocks of time to be sure I continue to learn how to use my computer to it’s fullest potential. So much to learn and so little time.  Was reading Nancy Gyes’ blog and thought that it looked fun. I’ve been meaning to start one for some time, maybe that was the incentive I needed.

Been listening to the  Audio CD I purchased from Lanny Bassham, “What Every Dog Agility Competitor Should Know FIRST About The Mental Game”. It has been very enlightening! I’ve had several light bulb moments. I’d encourage everyone to listen to this past Olympian.

Here is a picture of Cassidy from Nationals this past November. A bit intense isn’t she:) She gives me her all, that’s for sure!

The girls are out in the car, waiting for me to finish so I can take them to the beach. Carmel beach is their favorite place to run and just be dogs. I always have people come up to me and tell me how beautiful they are and how happy they look:) On the inside I’m thinking, how can they not be happy, they love to run and play! Time to wrap it up so that I can go play too:)

My first attempt at blogging. This one is set up for photos, looked fun!

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"Couldn't we just go back to practicing agility?"