Agility Practice Debriefing

Was excited to have class up at PowerPaws tonight since my class last night was cancelled due to rain. The girls and I worked on alternative activities Tuesday night but it’s just not as fun for me as running agiltiy. I warmed the girls up on the treadmill and then did some simple trick work. I now unfortunately have a treadmill stuck in the 12% incline position. I was trying to simulate climbing hills:)

Class tonight was a bit frustrating for me,  I seemed to be late for my positional cues more often than usual. The footing was very wet, guess that worried me some. We had a nice variety of skills worked on tonight, the 270, serpentines, rear crosses, front crosses, threadles and long lead outs.  I have an hour plus drive to get to and from class so I try to think of the things discussed and practiced in class and make a mental note of the skills to focus on for the week.  Tonight I listened again to the Audio CD by Lanny Bassham “Everything the Agility Competitor should know FIRST about the mental game”. I have listened to it quite a few time already but some of the thought processes that I need to change will be a work in progress for awhile. I’m also reading the book written by the same author “With Winning In Mind”. Lanny was an Olympic Champion in the 70’s and has worked with many a champion since. He has some sayings that have really stuck in my mind, one in particular, “perfection is the purest form of procrastination”. He was referring to people who don’t compete because they weren’t perfect, didn’t feel like they could win.

I look forward to competing this weekend with good friends and with my best friend and team mate Cassidy.


~ by Diana Wilson on January 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Agility Practice Debriefing”

  1. I always enjoy watching you and Cassidy run! Win, lose or draw….oh wait, just having Cassidy to run at your makes you a winner every time!

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