The mind of a border collie:)

I was essentially feeding Cassidy last night via training tricks, due to her annoying resource guarding of her food dish. She does not like me to touch her when I feed her, so of course I do, so when she decides to growl she gets her food one kibble at a time from the mommy!! I don’t know what she was thinking but I’m sure she wasn’t please when I picked up her food dish and walked to the other room.

I’ve been teaching her to wave which is going pretty well. I’ll try to get some pics later. She gets really frantic though and starts to bark when she doesn’t get it right away. She also gets a bit carried away and tries to wave with both paws at the same time.  I try to keep her back from me because sometimes the wave is more of a slap but she always manages to scoot forward at the same time she waves. It’s really quite cute until she lands a paw on me! She was quite clever last night and managed to knock the scoop of food that I was balancing on my leg all over the floor. She was a bit annoyed with me however when I told her to “leave it” and she had to obey. What a good girl!

I had to laugh when Callie came in from the kitchen where she had eaten her food and thought she needed to get involved.  If I told Cassidy to “sit”, there was Callie sitting as well. This goes on the entire training session with sit, down, touch… Of course I snuck her a few of the kibble too, who could resist that cute little face.

It’s been fun trying to teach some tricks, though my clicker timing has tons of room for improvement.  Until later because you know it’s going to rain some more:(


~ by Diana Wilson on January 22, 2010.

One Response to “The mind of a border collie:)”

  1. Good for you on dealing with the resource guarding! Don’t you love BCs like Callie? Boost always does what I tell Tika to do, too.

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