Weekend in Turlock, CA (VAST USDAA)

Had a great weekend with my girls. Callie ran in a couple runs both days doing quite well in spite of her handler:) Cassidy had some nice runs on Saturday but not many clean ones. Sunday however, she had an awesome Steeplechase run, would have been a winner but she slipped at the second jump. It was very foggy and several fast dogs had problems with footing. She did manage to still place in 5th with her time being several seconds faster than the leaders. She took 1st in jumpers by almost 2 seconds, 1st in Grand Prix and 1st in Snooker with a much needed SQ! I was in the last group to run, the lights were already on and to say the least I was exhausted! We did 3 sevens as did most competitors, you had to have 51 points to win and a fast time because the red jumps were all in the middle of the course near the 3 jump combo for 7. All in all it was a very fun weekend with challenging courses and good friends. Any weekend spent running my girls is a great weekend:)

I’m pleased to say that Cassidy is all qualified for USDAA Nationals, which is a relief since that was only the second USDAA trial we had done this year. Kentucky here we come???!!! Now back to working on those darn QQ’s.

Here is the link to my Grand Prix run.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxnI3cbj-WY


~ by Diana Wilson on February 20, 2010.

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